Its shape enables new and enhanced positions during lovemaking. We wanted to create a piece of functional art, which would help bring lovemaking close to erotic yoga, since spirituality is the key to tantric sex and the ancient positions of Kama Sutra. The design, testing and upgrading of the Love Sofa took several years and several hardworking couples. The result is an extremely comfortable, finely crafted and useful piece of art/furniture, which you can use in a wide variety of exciting ways.

Description and technical details:

The Love Sofa is made of natural solid beech wood that comes in three different colours. Solid wood gives the sofa stability and firmness even under heavy weight load. It stands on non-slip and height adjustable rubber feet, which allows you to adjust the Love Sofa to your specific needs.
The cushion consists of the filling and outside cover. The filling is PU-foam, while the outer part is a detachable cover, machine washable at 30 degrees. Since it is an imitation of silk, it will not shrink or stretch. It is available in six different colour patterns.
The cushioned part is attached to the sofa along the entire length of the bend with the »pull down« system and can be taken off for washing. It is attached at the front and rear side of the Love Sofa, where it must be undone and pulled out, so that it comes off from the wooden frame. In the same way it is placed back into position.

Dimensions: Length 195cm, Height 65cm, Width 38cm
Weight: 31.5 kg